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Karlshof is a small hobby kennel that has been active for over 40 years. It is owned by Dr. Karl Barth, a retired professor of Animal Nutrition and Physiology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The breeding goals are to produce animals that are beautiful (according to the breed standard), have a good temperament, are intelligent, well socialized and free of inherited diseases. These are the characteristics that result in outstanding show animals and Karlshof dogs have been eminently successful in the show ring. But at the same time these very characteristics are also the ones that are found in outstanding companion animals.

Foremost among the stars produces at Karlshof is Karl Barth’s recently deceased pride and joy, Ch . Karlshof Kaptain Kidd. He was number one Miniature Schnauzer in the US in 1997, won Best of Breed in 3 of the 4 shows at the most prestigious Montgomery County Cluster, won Best of Breed in 6 Specialty Shows and won 6 Terrier Groups. Also he is the sire of 15 champions, with more on the way. Next is Ch. Karlshof Kuno von Whim-Cin, co-owned with David Hallock, (10 champions) who won 5 of the 7 shows at the 1996 Florida Circuit and Best of Breed at the AMSC Montgomery County Specialty over a record entry of 162, which had to be one of Karl's and Dave’s proudest moments. Then there are the Best in Show winners Ch. Karlshof Kosmik Kaper in the US (co-owned with the Wilsons), Ch Karlshof King of the Road in the SICALAM show in South America (owned by Countess Graciela Miguel) and Ch. Karlshof Kommander in Chief in China, together with his son and grandson (owned by Andy Hsieh). Ch. Karlshof Kudos went to Eva Monsen and Chris McKay in Canada and produced 29 champions there. The distaff side are no slouches either: the females Ch. Karlshof Kornukopia, Karlshof Karissima, Rhondonhaus Karlshof Kamilla and Ch. Karlshof Khan’s Kamilla are all top producers of champions.

Due to a demanding work schedule, and recently due to advancing age, Karl was not able to show many of his dogs himself. Instead he depended on the handling skills of Lanny and Penny Hirstein of Penlan fame over several decades. After their retirement Kurt Garmaker (Repititions) very ably finished several of his champions.

Karl Barth’s advising skills acquired as a mentor of university students were used in advising new breeders and pet owners, which resulted in many long-lasting relationships not only in the US but also in other countries. The impact on other breeding programs was mainly through the placement of foundation females and the use of Karlshof males, whose offspring can be found in several of the best-known kennels in the US. Tania Kidd, the editor of the Mini Magazine, called Karl Barth one of the icons of the breed.


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Karlshof Miniature Schnauzers are located in Knoxville, TN.